Corrie’s Shobna: ‘Sunita is slightly psycho!’

Coronation Street‘s Shobna Gulati reveals to Soaplife how Sunita’s passion for Karl makes her take risks – again and again – even after Sophie nearly catches them in each other’s arms!

Does Sunita feel guilty about cheating on Dev?

“I don’t think she thinks about it. And if she does it’s only in terms of the children and not Dev. Ultimately she has an agenda here, but I’m not quite sure what it is yet. At the moment she’s a slightly psycho Sunita. She likes the power and control.”

Is Sunita be taking this affair more seriously than Karl?

“I think blokes always see an affair from a trousers perspective! But the more Sunita’s engaged with him the more she feels there must be something deeper, that she must love him in some way.”

How worried is Sunita when Sophie suspects something’s going on?

“Sophie was suspicious when she found Karl’s wallet on the sofa at the flat where Sunita and Karl had been together. Sunita is concerned. She knows Sophie isn’t daft and is quite moralistic. Sophie sees the sexual tension between Sunita and Karl and suggests to Dev that she can babysit while he takes Sunita out.”

Sunita tells Karl she fears Sophie’s on to them. How does he react?

“He goes ballistic and tries to sort it out with Sophie. He spins her a whole heap of lies and tells Sophie that Sunita’s helping him with his gambling addiction and that’s all there is to it. And Sophie buys that, so the crisis is averted.”

Does Sunita really love Dev or Karl?

“Sunita likes being needed and she does still love Dev. But she wants a man who wants her as a woman and not just as a mother or a business partner, someone who appreciates she has thoughts and desires of her own.”