Corrie’s Simon: ‘All Steve’s women have left him’

Coronation Street‘s Simon Gregson tells Soaplife how Steve and Becky’s efforts to revive their marriage are threatened when Amy suffers a mysterious illness…

Steve lied through his teeth to Becky so he could have a day out in Blackpool with Amy – with Tracy as chaperone. Of course, Tracy made sure Becky found out and Becky went ballistic. But Steve and Becky want their marriage to work. Soaplife talks to Simon about how he thinks that can happen – and how Amy’s illness threatens their future together…

Tracy calls to say Amy is sick and he has to leave Max with Kylie to drive them to hospital…

“Steve knows Becky will go ballistic because he left Max with Kylie, but he has no other option; Tracy is telling him that Amy is ill. Tracy is many things, but she surely would not lie about Amy’s health in order to spend time with him. His main concern at this point is Amy’s health. He just wants to do everything he can to make her better.”

Is Steve angry when Becky goes mad at him?

“He is annoyed, but Becky is quickly disarmed when she discovers the reason Steve had to leave Max with Kylie. But Steve is very forceful when he says that Amy is his main priority and she better get used to that fact.”

What happens when Amy falls ill again?

“Well, by this point Steve and Becky have managed to grab some time alone and are enjoying a nice meal together at Nick’s bistro. This is the first time in weeks they have been able to chill out together and they have both agreed that all talk of Tracy and Kylie is banned. Then Tracy calls with the news that Amy is ill again and asking for him, so Becky reluctantly tells Steve he must go to be with her.”

Is Steve impressed?

“Yes. Steve really can’t help Amy being ill and Becky having the hump with him would not help matters in any way.”

We wonder if Steve start to feel closer to Tracy as they worry about Amy?

“No, he has been there before and he only deals with Tracy because of Amy. If Amy was not around I’m not sure that Steve would give Tracy the time of day. She is poison and he knows that.”

Do people want Steve and Becky to stay together?

“People do like them as a couple and can’t wait to see what trouble she is going to bring to his door next. They’re always trying to second guess what’s in store next.”

How would you feel if they split up?

“I don’t really like to think about. All the women Steve has married have left him at some point…”

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