Corrie’s Simon Gregson & Kym Marsh: Steve’s depression shows ‘it can happen to anybody’ (VIDEO)

Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh say portraying Steve McDonald in the grips of depression was a very good move on the part of Coronation Street producers because it shows ‘it can happen to anybody’.

The actors, who play Corrie couple Steve and Michelle, are currently on screen dealing (or not, as the case may be) with Steve’s increasingly erratic behaviour. Eventually, Steve is going to suffer a complete breakdown, something it’s hard to imagine for a largely comedic character like Steve.

Simon told What’s on TV: “Well, there’s this wonderful thing called Twitter, which you go on and the majority of people are kind of thankful, really, and have said things along the lines of ‘I’ve been through it, my husband’s been through it, I like the way you’re playing it and this is a good thing’…

“Other people have said ‘Aw no, Comedy Steve’. But it’s like we’ve always said, the fact it is Comedy Steve was a very a good move, it shows it can happen to anybody.”

Kym added: “We’re trying to portray some kind of real life.”

As well, the new storyline allowed them to ‘flex your acting muscles a little bit,’ said Kym.

“Simon and I do a lot of comedy together, and we love that, but it’s also nice to something a bit more dramatic and something that’s serious and important, it’s nice to have that as well.”

Watch the interview with Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh, above.


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