Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson tells Soaplife that Steve’s inside knowledge about Peter and Tina’s affair drops him right in it with Michelle – and she kicks him to the kerb!

So, how does Steve get found out?

‘Well, he finds himself telling Liz and Lloyd that he knew Peter was playing away with Tina. Then he’s taken in for questioning by the police for the second time and he ends up telling them, too. By now, he’s worried sick about Michelle finding out… Then Tracy tells Michelle that Steve was at the police station again and Michelle starts asking questions. He tries to squirm out of it, but Michelle’s not letting the matter drop. He explains Peter told him about the affair a while ago and asked him not to say anything. Michelle is absolutely fuming.”

What does she say?

“That if Steve had told Carla before, Tina may well still be alive. He doesn’t know whether that’s true or not, but Steve can’t help wonder whether he should have said something. Then again, Steve still feels he kept quiet for all the right reasons. Michelle doesn’t think so, though. She packs her bags and leaves. Steve is gutted.”

Is it the end of the road for him and Michelle?

“I don’t think it would be right for this to break them. Michelle has forgiven him for much worse!”

How can Steve get Michelle’s forgiveness?

“Say sorry – a lot! Carla says Michelle should forgive him and Steve knows he should have told Michelle. It then wouldn’t have just been up to him whether to tell Carla or not. I think all the time Steve hoped Peter would sort himself out.”

Peter hasn’t finished with Steve, though, has he?

“Peter’s badgering Steve about what the police have been asking him and what he’s told them. Peter hasn’t thought for one second how this is affecting Steve and his life. Peter corners Steve… and Steve just flips and pins Peter up against the wall. He wants Peter to leave him alone.”

Does Steve think Peter killed Tina?

“He really doesn’t know, but he’s switching between Peter and Carla. He thinks they both have a motive.”