Corrie’s Simon: ‘Michelle tells Steve to man up!’

Coronation Street‘s Simon Gregson explains to Soaplife how Steve has got himself tangled up with two women: Michelle and – wait for it – Tracy! Can he hold on to Michelle and shake off Tracy? Not without a lot of effort!

Once Steve and Michelle were engaged to marry… then along came Becky and Michelle was history. Now Becky’s gone and Steve’s fallen for Michelle again, but there’s still Tracy. “Steve’s now got to deal with two strong women fighting over him,” says Simon. And it’s not at all as much fun as it sounds…

Why has Steve got the hots for Michelle again?

“He’s always fancied Michelle and falling for her again has sort of just happened. She’s very attractive and he just thinks, ‘Oh, I’ll give that another go.'”

Oh, the romance! Does he have a game plan?

“He starts by helping Ryan, which is calculated and absolutely ridiculous. It’s completely transparent to Michelle, but she just lets him do it because she thinks he’s just like a stupid puppy, which he is. I don’t think he thinks about these situations, he just does whatever he feels like doing and hopes it works out.”

But then there’s Tracy… She thinks he’s told her he loves her! Why?

“He thought she was dying when she was rushed to hospital with possible kidney failure and stupidly told her a load of things. She asked him if he loves her and he did say that a part of him will always love her as she’s Amy’s mum.”

The fool! And it gets worse…

“Steve’s visiting Tracy in hospital with Amy and Tracy says: ‘You promised we’d always be together’ and he looks at Amy, who’s looking hopefully at him, and he just says ‘Yes’, still thinking that Tracy might die.”

But Tracy lives – and Michelle finds out what he said to her! How?

“Amy sees Steve kissing Michelle and is upset and it all comes out. Michelle tells him to go and sort it with Tracy.”

And does he?

“He goes to the hospital, but Tracy immediately starts discussing where she and Steve might live and how happy they’ll be. The thing about Steve is that he doesn’t like confrontation and he’ll do anything for an easy life. Instead of telling Tracy straight, he announces that he just wants to be on his own.”

Then Amy tells Deirdre what she saw Steve doing with Michelle…

“Yes, and it all comes out. Deirdre steps in and tells Tracy he’s seeing Michelle and Tracy asks him to leave.”

So does he get Michelle?

“Steve tells Michelle he sorted it, but Deirdre then tells her that Steve was a coward and it was actually her who told Tracy. Michelle tells him he’s weak for not having the bottle to man up and sort things out.”

She also tells him they have to forget about the mother of his child if they’re to have a future…

“And Steve’s in this situation again where he’s stuck between two women, which is when Steve is, at best, terrified…”