Coronation Street’s Simon Gregson tells Soaplife Steve hands over £20K to Kylie and hopes she’s gone for good… But don’t bank on it!

Kylie is demanding £20K or Steve and Becky will never see Max again. Does Steve believe her ultimatum?
“He’s taking her very seriously. Kylie has already proved that she’s ruthless, after money and not the best mum in the world. It all makes perfect sense to Steve.”

How does he think Becky will cope if Kylie vanishes with Max?
“He doesn’t know how she’d get over it, which is why he’s prepared to borrow £20K any way he can.”

Does he not think it’s immoral to buy a child?
“Of course. But Kylie isn’t an ordinary mother – she only cares about herself. Steve thinks Max would be much better off with him and Becky.”

Does he have any doubts about paying off Kylie?
“Steve has massive doubts. But when he voices them, Becky questions his commitment to their relationship and walks out. Steve doesn’t want to risk losing her so he agrees to find the money somehow.”

How does he raise all that cash in time to meet Kylie’s deadline?
“He gets half of it by drawing on his credit cards and taking out all his savings. Then he has to borrow from the bank, raising the cash against Streetcars. He has to ask Lloyd’s permission as Lloyd is a co-owner.”

What happens when they hand the cash over to Kylie?
“Max rushes to Becky and Kylie’s a bit upset at leaving him. But she soon composes herself and hurries off with her boyfriend. Steve and Becky are relieved to see the back of her.”

What’s the deal?
“Steve and Becky are going to say they’re looking after Max while his mum is away. They have sworn not to mention the money to anybody.”

Does Steve trust Kylie to keep her side of the bargain?
“No. Bad pennies have a habit of turning up again.”

What if she does return and wants to take Max back?
“They’ll have to cross that bridge if and when it comes to it…”