Corrie’s Simon: ‘Steve wants to be a dad again’

Coronation Street‘s Simon Gregson reveals to Soaplife how pregnant Tracy’s reappearance forces Steve to make difficult choices.

Here we go again! Steve’s told that after another one-night stand with Tracy he’s got her pregnant – again! “They do seem to be an amazingly fertile couple,” says Simon. “They must have some sort of chemistry!” Yes, but is it the sort of chemistry that creates a happy family life – or will it blow them apart?

How does Steve react when Deirdre drops the bombshell that Tracy is pregnant?

“He doesn’t really believe it at first. He thinks it may be just another one of Tracy’s twisted lies. She has cried wolf too many times in Steve’s eyes.”

So he accuses her of lying…

“He does think she’s lying at this point. She has a great track record in being economical with the truth. She has lied before to him and so she could easily do it again. This is Tracy Barlow we are talking about here. Anything could be possible.”

So how does he feel when Tracy says she’ll have an abortion?

“He’s keen not to have anything more to do with Tracy so this does seem to be an option for them both and would mean they have no further ties to each other.”

And then there’s Becky…

“They’re getting on really well. She seems to have forgiven him over her losing Max. They really were on course for rekindling their damaged relationship. He’s keen to make things better between them so he agrees to go to a mediation meeting.”

But then Steve has to choose between stopping Tracy having the abortion or going to the meeting with Becky – and he chooses Tracey…

“He probably in his heart deep down still loves Becky, but he also is a great dad and wants to be a dad again so it’s not really a straight choice between the two women. It’s more of a choice about being a father or following his heart and his love for Becky.”

And he stops the abortion. Could he try to make a go of it with Tracy and their children?

“One thing that Steve realises is that Tracy really does love him and can provide him with the family life that he craves so much. Being together with Tracy would be the best situation for Amy and their unborn child.”

What do you think the viewers will make of the storyline?

“I think it will split opinions. Some viewers will be willing for him and Tracy to be together whilst there will be other fans screaming at their television sets telling Steve that he’s crazy for getting involved with her again.”

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