Coronation Street newcomer Sol Heras talks to Soaplife about taking over the role of Michelle’s son, Ryan, who has returned from Uni as a dropout with a very different attitude!

How do you feel about joining the Street as Ryan?
“It was my first ever casting, one of those jobs that you always hope will come along. I had my screen test with Kym Marsh [Michelle] and Brooke Vincent [Sophie], which was enough for me, even if I didn’t get it. My mum was in the room with me when my agent called and just said, ‘You’ve got it!'”

Where does your name Sol come from?
“It comes from my dad’s side; he’s from Madrid, so it’s Spanish.”

How has Ryan changed since we last saw him?
“Ryan went away to find himself and after two years he’s back. He’s been thrown out of university, but he doesn’t tell Michelle this. He makes out to her that leaving was his decision. His personality on the whole has taken a major detour.”

Does Michelle notice a change in her son?
“No, not at all. She’s happy to have him home; he’s her only child, her baby. This makes it much easier for him to pull the wool over her eyes.”

How does Ryan get on with his Uncle Rob?
“They were close when they were younger, but it’s been about eight years since they have seen each other. Rob tries to help Ryan but Ryan just throws it back in his face. The Connors are famed for sticking together, but Ryan will be turning his back on his mum, Carla and his Uncle Rob.”

Soaplife hears Ryan has an eye for the ladies. Who’s going to get lucky?
“I think he would probably quite like a cougar!”