Sol Heras tells Soaplife that Ryan is at it again in Coronation Street – getting involved with girls he really shouldn’t go for. Who is it this time? It’s teen mum Katy!

So, what makes Ryan notice Katy?
“He’s working at the Bistro as a DJ and Katy’s there on a night out with a couple of friends. She’s dressed up a bit more and he sees how pretty she is… That’s the first moment he realises he fancies her.”

It’s Katy’s friends though who fancy him
“And he enjoys the attention but his priority is to talk to Katy. That’s all he does, though.”

Katy has a baby and a bloke – Chesney. Shouldn’t Ryan back off?
“He’s become quite good friends with Chesney as they play football together. But he can’t help it, he still fancies Katy.”

Is Ryan seriously attracted to Katy or just after a bit of fun?
“I don’t know! These feelings have come out of the blue. Suddenly he’s noticed Katy but he doesn’t know what’s going to happen; he doesn’t know how she feels about. But if she’s attracted to him, too, anything could happen!”