Corrie’s Sol: ‘Ryan wants to do the right thing’

Coronation Street‘s Sol Heras reaveals to Soaplife that Ryan will go to any lengths to be a proper dad to the baby he’s having with Tracy.

Whether Tracy really is pregnant or whether she isn’t, Ryan’s taking his responsibilities surprisingly seriously. “The baby is all Ryan can think about at the moment. It’s a serious situation,” says Sol. “At first he’s really not ready for the responsibility, but he comes round to the idea of being a dad very quickly.” And, we can reveal, being a husband, too!

Does it cross Ryan’s mind that Tracy could be lying?

“Steve and Michelle think she is. But Ryan’s more naive. He can’t understand why someone would want to lie about something so serious so he doesn’t suspect she could be lying at all.”

Would Ryan go as far as to marry Tracy?

“In Ryan’s view he’s made her pregnant so he must tell her he loves her and they must settle down as a couple. He just sees it as the right thing to do. In his mind he’s doing the honourable thing. It’s the right path to take.”

So he won’t be happy when Tracy tells him Steve and Michelle offered to pay for her to have a termination?

“It’s a real kick in the teeth to him. He’s spent a lot of time accepting the fact his life is going to change and he’s going to become a dad. So to then find out his mum and Steve have tried to have his baby terminated behind his back is heartbreaking for him.”

Is that why he says he and Tracy are moving to Glasgow?

“He wants to get away from the claustrophobic atmosphere of living so close to his mum and Tracy’s family. But Tracy’s not as keen as he is for obvious reasons. This isn’t part of her plan at all.”

Do you think that Ryan could end up very hurt?

“Yes, I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Tracy really is a complete psychopath and she’s barking mad, but Ryan doesn’t know this. He doesn’t realise just what a roller-coaster ride he’s in for!”

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