Corrie’s Sol: ‘Ryan’s heading for a big fall!’

Coronation Street‘s Sol Heras dishes the dirt to Soaplife about Ryan’s very bad habit – his drug taking…

How long has Ryan been abusing drugs?

“For most of his time at university. That’s why he got nowhere with his studies.”

But he doesn’t think he has a problem, does he?

“He doesn’t think he’s an addict. He thinks he’s in control of his habit and that it’s just like taking a little boost of confidence. He doesn’t see it as posing any danger to him or others around him, but in time maybe he’ll need to reassess that.”

Maybe soon… He betrays Steve, doesn’t he?

“Steve has given him tickets for a gig, but he sells them to Sophie to get money to spend on drugs. He goes on a bender and is out all night.”

And Michelle and Steve find out, don’t they?

“Yes. They’re both really disappointed in Ryan. Steve thought he was getting through to him and now this has happened…”

Does Ryan care that he’s upsetting his mum?

“Not really. He thinks that everything will be fine as he can tell more lies that will make his mum feel better. He’s very selfish and all he cares about is what he wants.”

Will things get worse for Ryan?

“Oh yes! Who knows what he will involve himself with next, but I think it will take something big to make him realise that things have got to change.”

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