Corrie’s Sue: Audrey’s scare has made me aware

Coronation Street’s Sue Nicholls has revealed that Audrey Roberts’ heart attack storyline has made her more aware of her own health.

The 68-year-old soap star – whose character suffered a dramatic heart attack after rowing with her grandson – is backing The Sun and the British Heart Foundation’s campaign for all schoolchildren to be taught CPR to help raise heart awareness.

Sue told the newspaper: “It is an old-fashioned feeling that only middle-aged men who drink and smoke cigars suffer heart attacks. What I didn’t realise is that it’s the biggest killer of women.

“The story has made me read up on it. You just have to be sensible. I’m not as old as Audrey, but I’m not far behind and one has to be aware of these things. I will at least get my blood pressure checked more often.”

She added: “I’ve learnt little things you really need to know, not just about the attack, but what leads up to it. Some people don’t have any inkling, but that’s very rare. Most people have a symptom, but dismiss it because they think it’s indigestion. Everyone knows about the pain in your left arm, but you can also get a terrible pain in your jaw.”

Audrey’s grandson in Coronation Street David feels terribly responsible for her collapse after rowing with his gran over ownership rights to her salon. But his guilt is now causing trouble for his marriage as he blames wife Kylie for Audrey’s ill health.