Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien tells Soaplife how Sarah Platt discovers she’s carrying Callum’s baby – and what she plans to do about it…

Sarah seems like her old, happy-go-lucky self when she returns to Weatherfield after taking time out in Milan to come to terms with Callum’s violent death and unconventional burial. But that doesn’t last long. Brother David taunts her to see if she really can live with what they’ve done and, soon, that ‘C’ word is all she can think about.

In fact she’s so preoccupied with the-body-under-the-annexe problem, she gets herself mown down by a Tim (Joe Duttine) in his van!

“Sarah’s very drunk and leaves the pub with David, but doesn’t look where she’s going and gets knocked over by Tim in his van,” Tina reveals. Weatherfield General check her over and tell her she’s OK – but they also tell her she’s pregnant…

Right… First off, why is David pushing Sarah?

“He’s very suspicious of how calm she seems on her return from Milan, and senses it’s all an act. So he makes her go into the annexe. Once there, she starts cracking up again and David [Jack P Shepherd] says he knew all along she couldn’t handle it. Kylie is a bit more understanding and sticks up for her.”

Kylie doesn’t stick up for David, though… She wonder if he pushed Sarah in front of Tim’s van, doesn’t she?

“Kylie [Paula Lane] isn’t convinced that David had nothing to do with the accident because of the way he’s been behaving towards both her and Sarah since Callum was killed. David didn’t push Sarah, though.”

So what do the hospital tell Sarah after her accident?

“That she’s fine – and so is her baby! Her initial reaction is ‘What baby?’ Then it sinks in. She’s pregnant! Sarah obviously knows the baby is Callum’s and she’s devastated – as well as feeling shocked and foolish. It’s horrendous for her.”

Will she have the baby?

“She’s completely torn. Sarah considers the idea of having a reminder of Callum with her every single day and having to live with what’s happened even more than she already has to. She’d have to lie to her unborn child for its entire life as well and doesn’t know whether she’d be able to do that.”

Coronation Street, ITV.