Corrie’s Tracy determined to get her man!

Coronation Street star Kate Ford has said her character Tracy Barlow is so obsessed with Steve McDonald that she has marriage for the pair in her sights.

Speaking to Inside Soap, the actress said, “Tracy loves the idea of Steve. Whether she actually loves him is another story, though! She’s sure that she can tempt him away from Becky.

“Tracy plans to be married to Steve within a year – she thinks that she’s on the road to success, and will play the long game!”

The character is also facing a challenging storyline in which her daughter Amy faces a life-threatening illness – with Tracy for once proving she cares about somebody other than herself.

“She’s terrified,” Kate told All About Soap when discussing the forthcoming plot. “There is no hidden agenda – she is genuinely scared for her daughter. But of course, she’s quietly pleased that it’s bringing her and Steve closer.

“Tracy is capable of a lot of bad things, however there is a heart in there. First and foremost, her thoughts are for Amy’s well-being.”

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