Corrie’s Tracy hasn’t changed, says Kate Ford

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford has said that her character Tracy Barlow will be “the same old Tracy” when she returns to Weatherfield.

The imprisoned character will be back on the soap this Christmas when it emerges that the forensics expert at her trial was a fraud – allowing her to be freed from jail pending a retrial.

“Tracy’s absolutely ecstatic to be out of prison, and excited to be home,” Kate told Inside Soap.

“She’s a bit nervous because she knows everybody is going to hate her – but she’s basically the same old Tracy!”

She will make her comeback on Christmas Eve at a memorial service for the victims of the tram disaster – and will quickly ruffle feathers by insisting that her daughter Amy spend part of Christmas with her.

And when she discovers that Steve and Becky McDonald “bought” Becky’s nephew Max from her sister, it gives her a basis to try and get Amy back permanently.

“Primarily she wants Amy back, but she’d like to be with Steve as well,” Kate said. “She wants them to be a family. Steve is Tracy’s true love, and she’d do anything to Becky if it meant she could have him.”