Uh-oh. Tracy is set to have an affair with Liz’s man Tony (Terence Maynard) as her way of trying to get over Rob, who’s about to be exposed as a murderer and disappear from Tracy’s life.

“This affair comes about through emotional pain,” says Kate Ford., who plays terrible Tracy. “It’s not a great love affair. It’s a secret affair but I don’t know how long it goes on for. She needs affection. It’s nothing like her relationship with Rob. The stuff I’ve filmed so far is quite dark, actually. It’s a negative relationship and not good for her, or him or Liz [Beverley Callard]!”

So when Tracy spends Christmas with daughter Amy and Amy’s dad Steve (Simon Gregson) at The Rovers, it is not all happy families.

“There’s this friction between Tracy and Tony,” Kate adds.

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