Corrie’s William Roache: ‘Ken will stop at nothing to prove Peter’s innocence’

Coronation Street’s William Roache reveals to Soaplife why Ken’s return to Weatherfield could be good for Peter – and bad for Rob…

No wonder Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) feels his dad’s abandoned him. Since Peter was arrested for Tina’s murder, he’s not heard a word from him. But as Ken arrives back in Weatherfield after months away caring from his grandson in Canada, Peter finds out why – Deirdre hasn’t told him!

“He knows Peter and Carla have split up,” William tells Soaplife. “Deirdre tries to pluck up the courage to tell him Peter’s been arrested, but, before she can, Ken bumps into Carla (Alison King) and she reveals the truth.”

Is Ken furious Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) kept the truth from him?
“Yes. But once they’ve had it out, he forgives her. What he finds harder to deal with is that everyone, Deirdre included, thinks Peter may be the murderer.”

So Ken immediately believes Peter is innocent?
“Ken visits Peter, looks him in the eyes and asks outright if he killed Tina. Peter denies it and Ken believes him. It isn’t just the blind faith of a father’s love, he genuinely knows Peter is not the murderer.”

How does Ken feel about Peter’s state of mind?
“He’s very worried as Peter seems to have given up hope. Ken’s the only person who seems to want to fight. He realises Peter blames himself for Tina’s death, which is one of the reasons Ken genuinely believes he didn’t kill her.”

How does Ken plan to help?
“Ken’s always loved a cause and he’ll stop at nothing to prove his son’s innocence.”

Does Ken suspect Rob (Marc Baylis) might be the killer?
“Ken has no reason to think so. What motive would he have? Rob’s been very clever by constantly insisting Peter’s the killer. This really winds Ken up and there’s definitely something about Rob that Ken doesn’t like.”

What happens when Ken tries to get Simon to visit Peter?
“The last thing Rob wants is Peter getting visits from Simon and having ideas about fighting the charges. Rob wants Peter to accept his fate so he ‘accidentally’ arranges for a day out with Simon, Amy and Tracy [Kate Ford], so Simon can’t go to the prison. Ken has no idea it’s deliberate.”

But Ken hires a new solicitor and vows to find the real killer. How does Rob react?
“Ken’s the thorn in Rob’s side. If Ken hadn’t returned, Rob would have no worries. Now Ken’s making Rob panic. What if Ken  unearths something that incriminates him? It’s great stuff and I’m thrilled to be at the heart of a story which has been so huge for the show.”

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