Coronation Street star Craig Charles has said that he would love his screen alter ego Lloyd Mullaney to share a flat with Steve McDonald.

Lloyd has just arrived back in Weatherfield where he plans to establish a rival cab company to Steve’s, inevitably leading to conflict – but the actor said he is optimistic they can settle their differences.

“I’d love for Lloyd and Steve to play the odd couple for a while!” he told Inside Soap magazine.

“There’s so much scope for comedy in that, and it would be in the great Corrie tradition too. We could be like the new Stan Ogden and Eddie Yeats – sat there in our boxers, string vests on, watching the telly, eating burgers and talking rubbish. It’d be great fun!”

And although Steve’s ex Tracy plans to drive a further wedge between them by getting her claws into Lloyd, Craig is hoping the pair of them can have a chance to enjoy single life.

“When it comes to women, Lloyd and Steve are always attracted to the wrong ones!” he admitted.

“Let’s face it, Steve is probably the most unlucky man ever when it comes to love that lasts – and Lloyd comes a very close second to him. The only difference between them is that Lloyd hasn’t started to collect any ex-wives – not yet, anyway!”