Craig Charles: ‘Lloyd is betrayed by Cheryl’

Coronation Street‘s Craig Charles reveals to Soaplife how Lloyd finds out that Cheryl has been cheating on him…with her ex, Chris!


It looks like Lloyd’s getting his life with Cheryl back when Chris says he’s moving into Jason’s flat…

“Yeah. He feels a sense of relief really because it has been quite claustrophobic for him and he has felt like a stranger in his own home. He has felt a bit of an outcast. Lloyd also feels a sense of unease as he questions why Chris has chosen this particular moment to move out. He wonders what Chris is up to…”

The whole situation has put a massive strain on Lloyd and Cheryl’s relationship, hasn’t it?

“Yes. They can’t really have cosy nights in on the sofa together. Every time Lloyd has tried to take her out Chris has got in the way. Chris is being really devious and manipulative and this has had a real impact on Lloyd and Cheryl.”


How does Lloyd think Cheryl feels about Chris moving out?

“He wonders if Cheryl blames him for Chris moving out. She overheard Lloyd telling Chris it might be a good idea for him to go as he thinks it’s not good for Russ to see his dad so ill all the time. Cheryl’s certainly not as happy as Lloyd is about Chris moving out.”

Has he noticed a change in Cheryl’s feelings towards him?

“He has noticed that Cheryl has no time to have a kiss and cuddle with him, she’s short-tempered with him and he’s certainly not getting affection from her any more.”


For Cheryl’s sake, Lloyd goes to the hospital to pick up Chris after an appointment only to find there was no appointment…

“And that makes him suspicious. He’s starting to think that Chris might be putting it on a bit. He is having a lot of good days and not so many bad days. There seems to be no deterioration in his physical fitness at all.”


Would he tell Cheryl if he finds out Chris is faking it?

“Definitely. Lloyd really cares for both Cheryl and Russ. So if he found out that Chris had been exaggerating the severity of his illness and causing both his ex and his child unnecessary heartache, he would go straight to Cheryl so that Cheryl could see Chris for the devious, manipulative, nasty piece of work that he is.”


Chris doesn’t admit anything, though, so Lloyd goes to see if he can find out anything from Dr Matt, doesn’t he?

“Yes. The doctor doesn’t tell him anything, but Chris finds out and they have a huge row during which Lloyd reveals his suspicions.”

And Chris reveals Cheryl’s having an affair with him!

“Lloyd’s devastated. He has been very trusting, he has let this supposedly sick man into his home and he has done all this because he loves Cheryl. He feels terribly betrayed.”

If Cheryl were to dump Lloyd for Chris, how devastated would Lloyd be?

“On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say 11. It would tear him apart. He would hate to have been played like a fool in that way. He would take it very hard and would need some time to recover from such a harsh, emotional blow.”