‘David Platt would be upset, but relieved, if Nick died’

Jack P Shepherd reveals to Soaplife that after tormenting Nick for weeks, then nearly killing him, now it’s David’s turn to be scared when Tina threatens to reveal all in Coronation Street

Did David want to kill Nick in the crash?
“Not kill perhaps, but he did undo Nick’s seatbelt before he grabbed the wheel. He’s so cut up about Nick sleeping with Kylie he’s capable of anything.”

Does he feel guilty that Nick’s lying unconscious in hospital because of him?
“I don’t think so. He can’t get rid of the thought of Nick and Kylie together, so no matter what he’s done to Nick he can’t escape the reason why he’s done it. His biggest fear is that Nick will survive, tell Kylie what’s happened and then David will lose her and the baby.”

So David wants Nick to die?
“‘He would be upset but also relieved, as he would have more chance of getting away with it all if Nick never wakes up. But then again it could cause David to crack and confess all.”

He’s starting to crack already! He confesses to Tina…
“She’s been watching him and she realises that David’s been the one terrorising Nick and Leanne and he confirms her suspicions. Tina’s horrified and threatens to tell Kylie and Gail so David gets a bit aggressive… He’s desperate.”

Desperate enough to kill Nick and Tina to keep his secret safe?
“Maybe! If Nick wakes up and threatens to tell everyone the truth then I do think David will be pushed over the edge… He’ll think everyone’s against him.”

Including Kylie?
“His worst fear is she will leave him and take the kids with her. Up until he confesses to Tina, David doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. When he sees how horrified Tina is, though, he knows that Kylie will also think that David’s entirely in the wrong. That scares him. She’s the only person he really cares about. He feels as though every moment with her could be his last…”

What if, against the odds, they do stay together… will David accept the baby if she turns out to be Nick’s?
“Absolutely not! No way! David is not that kind of guy…”