Coronation Street‘s David Platt can forget all chances of kissing and making up when Tina gets him the sack, as Jack P Shepherd reveals…

How cut up is David over Tina dumping him?
“He’s gutted. He really loves Tina and will do anything to try and get her back.”

Does he admit he shouldn’t have been snooping at her emails?
“He was only reading them to see if there was anything bad said about him and when he read that she was talking about their relationship, he used the information to make things better. So really he was only trying to do good!”

Was he also jealous she was emailing her ex?
“A bit. He imagines that Matt is this handsome space adventurer with muscles. He drives, he’s at university and he’s older than David.”

So, he thinks Tina did wrong too?
“I think it’s OK for girls to talk about their boyfriends with their girlfriends but not an ex.”

She isn’t seeing it that way though…
“She’s flipped! She doesn’t even want to talk to him.”

How does he try to get round her?
“He hangs around the chip shop but ends up getting her in trouble with Jerry, so she decides to get him in trouble in return.”

By doing what?
“She makes an appointment with him at the salon then sabotages everything he does. She complains the water isn’t right, says he’s got soap in her eyes then grabs the shower spray and sprays it all over him and everything else.”

Does he get into trouble?
“Worse – he gets the sack! His boss is already fed up with him phoning in sick and being late and chucks them both out.”

What does David do?
“David feels he’s given it his best shot and the only thing left is to try and make her jealous.”

How’s he going to do that?
“By spending time with another girl. No names mentioned but it’s someone in the Street who’s had a soft spot for him for ages.”

What if Tina doesn’t take him back – would he go back to being bad David?
“I don’t know. Maybe he’d get suicidal…”