David’s dangerous obsession

When Tina won’t take him back David’s love turns to obsession. And that, warns Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd, makes him very dangerous indeed!

David takes everyone by surprise when he arrives back. What happens? “Gary, Jason, Len, Joe, Gail and Tina are all in the Platts’ living room when he breezes in. They’re all expecting him to kick off, but he’s really calm and nice to everybody.”

How does he react to finding out Gail’s back with Joe? “He tells his mum he’s happy she’s back with Joe and he wants to make a fresh start.”

Does he really mean it? “It’s all part of his Mr Nice Guy act to get Tina back.”

So what’s his plan? “He tells Tina how stupid he was to destroy their relationship, then plays his trump card that his mum chose Joe over him and his dad has chosen his new family…”

And does it work? “David tries really, really hard, but just when he’s getting to Tina she rushes off. She actually tells her dad that he’s to stop her if she’s ever on the verge of taking David back.”

So she’s totally fallen out of love with him? “David finds her in the pub with Gary and begs for a second chance. He tells her he wants them to live together. Tina admits she still loves him, but says it’s too hard being with him.”

And that’s when he drops his act? “He accuses her of sleeping with Gary then tells Graeme it’s time Gary got what’s coming to him…”

What will he do to Gary? “First he sets him up by stealing Bill’s tools. But when Bill confronts Gary about it David surprises him by giving him a fake alibi. He reckons it’ll be easier to get his revenge if Gary thinks they’re mates.”

How far will David go with his revenge plan? “This is just the start. You know David, he’ll go as far as it takes.”

Does he really think he can get Tina back? “He can’t contemplate not getting her back. This has gone beyond love… it’s obsession now.”

Word is Tina’s going to get together with Jason. How will David handle that? “If she starts seeing anybody else then I wouldn’t want to be that person. There’s bound to be carnage. David isn’t just back… he’s back right in the thick of it again!”

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