David’s attacker revealed!

Coronation Street‘s Jack P Shepherd admits David’s gutted when he discovers who beat him up…

That was a nasty beating David took. How badly injured is he?

“He’s covered in cuts and bruises all over his body. He’s had a right good kicking and he was left for dead by his attacker.”

He must be shaken up?

“He is a little… but actually he enjoys it because for once everybody’s paying him attention and talking about him – and not because he’s done something wrong but because they feel sorry for him.”

Did he see his attacker?

“He was jumped from behind and has absolutely no idea who it was. But lots of people hate him.”

Who does he think it was?

“At first he thinks it was Joe because the last thing he said to David before the attack was that he needed sorting out.”

How does Gail react when David suggests it was Joe?

“She’s really upset. Joe’s shocked when he sees the state David’s in and swears he didn’t do it. It turns out he has an alibi.”

So who’s next on the list of suspects?

“David realises from Tina’s reaction that she suspects it might have been Jason.”

How does David feel about that?

“Furious then pleased because Tina’s horrified at David’s injuries and her opinion of Jason will go down if he is responsible. That’s exactly what David wants.”

How does Jason react when Tina confronts him about the assault?

“He denies having anything to do with the attack but Tina doesn’t believe him. That’s priceless as far as David is concerned!”

Who do the police think did it?

“Jason. They turn up at No.11 and arrest him on suspicion of assault.”

David must be delighted?

“He loves it. It’s the perfect revenge and he’d love to see Jason go down for beating him up.”

Is Jason charged?

“There’s no evidence against him so he gets released. Then Gary Windass shows up… He’s out of prison and tells David he arranged to have him beaten up.”

Will David want revenge on him for what he’s done?

“No. All his energy’s focused on Jason. He’s gutted it was down to Gary and reckons they’re quits. Gary tells David to stay out of his way in future.”

Does this mean David’s given up on getting back with Tina?

“No way. He still thinks he can get her back, even though she’s living with Jason now.”

We’ve read in the papers he’s going to get a new girlfriend…

“He meets this girl in the salon. At first he’s only seeing her to wind Tina up – but it could blossom into something more…”

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