Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd says don’t be fooled by David’s new girl… it’s still Tina he loves and it’ll all kick off again at Christmas!

David gatecrashes Tina’s party with a new girlfriend. What’s he up to?
“He’s in the kebab shop when he hears Tina and Jason are having a party and he’s not invited. He decides to gatecrash to wind Tina up and thinks it’ll be more effective if he goes with a girl.”

So where does he find Zoe?
“He washes her hair in the salon. They get chatting and he invites her to the party.”

Does David actually fancy her?
“She’s a pretty girl and he does fancy her. She’s blonde which makes a change.”

But he’s doing it to make Tina jealous?
“Absolutely. It’s a new tactic… But Tina doesn’t take any notice of him.”

Does he try other ways to wind her up?
“He’s tried being a pest and it didn’t work so he’s going to cool it and play a different game.”

But he still wants Tina back?
“Definitely. She was his first love and he can’t get over her.”

So how’s he going to do it?
“He’s going to sit back for a while. Later it does look as if Tina’s a bit jealous when she sees David with Zoe in The Rovers. She makes a big fuss and says to Jason ‘Look at them, all over each other.’ Jason even says to her ‘But I thought you were over him.’”

Will David and Zoe be an item?
“I have no idea, but I’d like David to have a new girlfriend. I’ve worked a lot with Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina, and it would be interesting to spread my wings and work with different characters.”

Can David ever have a successful relationship?
“It would be difficult. David has an obsessive personality so as soon as he really starts to like someone he tries to control them.”

Didn’t he learn a lesson from getting beaten up?
“He learnt to let bygones be bygones as far as Gary Windass is concerned!”

What’s in store for David?
“He’s going to be spending a lot of time with Joe, working on his boat, and he’s going to be building bridges with his family.”

What about evil David?
“Don’t worry. He’ll be back. Things will start to happen around about Christmas time!”

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