Tina’s pregnant but new Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan reveals she won’t be telling David… and may not have the baby!

Is Tina shocked to be pregnant?

“Totally. She’s only 17 and she hardly knows David really.”

Who does she confide in?

“She can’t tell her mum because she knows she will go mad. And when she tries to tell David he’s more interested in showing her his tattoo and they nearly split up over it. In the end it’s Gail she tells.”

How does Gail react?

“She’s stunned. She says a baby is the last thing David needs. That he’s in a fragile emotional state after his attempted suicide and all. She tells Tina not to tell him and explains she doesn’t have to go through with having this baby.”

She suggests an abortion? Is Gail right to do that?

“No I don’t think she is. But Tina doesn’t want to upset him and she’s very naive. She feels alone and Gail becomes a shoulder to cry on.”

Would Tina have an abortion behind David’s back?

“She might if she believes it’s for the best.”

But if he found out surely he’d be heartbroken?

“I know. I think she should tell him. Who knows being a psycho he might actually want the baby!”

David’s not her first serious boyfriend, is he?

“She’s been in a serious relationship before and is still friends with her ex, Matt. She split up with him because he was going off to uni so they didn’t part on bad terms. When he comes home they meet up.”

Could it be Matt’s baby?

“I suppose there’s a possibility… It’s certainly the sort of suspicion David might have as he’s very insecure and jealous of Matt.”

What does Tina see in David?

“I think they’ve bonded because they’re both outsiders who feel misunderstood. She does have genuine feelings for David.”

Is she really as tough as she makes out?

“So far she’s been all gobby and confident but you see another more vulnerable side to her over the pregnancy.”

What does it feel like being David’s first proper girlfriend?

“Dead exciting. Because he’s such a colourful character I knew it would be a big deal.”

What sort of reaction have you had from viewers?

“A lot of people think it’s quite refreshing to see David behaving like a normal teenage boy for once…”