When David blames everyone but himself in Coronation Street he’s out of house and home, as actor Jack P Shepherd explains…

How does David feel about losing Tina?
“Devastated. But he’s angry too because he reckons Tina’s betrayed him.”

Can’t he see that he’s to blame?
“No he can’t and I’m on his side. Yes, he started the fight with Gary but only because he was provoked and he did come off worse. Tina gave a statement to the police and all she had to do was repeat it in court.”

But he does want to win Tina back, doesn’t he?
“He wants to show Tina he’s not a total loser and plans to get Joe to give him a job.”

Instead he ends up falling out with Joe too. What happens?
“He walks in on Joe and Len just as they’re shaking hands on their deal. David realises Joe was on the Windasses’ side all along and he’s absolutely furious.”

Isn’t telling Tina and Gail a bit childish though?
“He’s hoping it will help mend things with him and Tina because she believes she’s been stitched up by her dad and Len too. But she says she’ll never have David back.”

How does David react?
“The red mist descends. He blames Tina for being the root cause of everything bad he’s done lately and, when Joe defends her, David tells Joe about her abortion. He says ‘She wasn’t much like Snow White when she had my baby aborted.'”

What does Tina do?
“She fights back with some revelations of her own. She tells Joe that David tried to kill Gail and made her cover it up.”

Then Gail joins in
“Everyone’s shouting at each other. Joe has a go at Gail for keeping such a big secret from him then Tina reveals Joe only moved in with Gail because he’d been evicted. Gail ends their relationship and Tina storms out.”

Does David feel responsible?
“Not for any of it. He feels that it’s everybody else’s fault.”

And he still expects Tina to take him back?
“She comes back to the house later. He hopes she’s come back to him but she’s just collecting her stuff.”

Then he loses his mum too. What happens?
“She lets Joe move into the spare room and he realises she’s chosen Joe over him. David says he’s leaving to stay with his dad, Martin.”

How long will you be gone for?
“I’m going on two weeks paternity leave so at least that long.”

What would David do if Tina and Gary were dating on his return?
“Hit the roof and split them up!”

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