‘David’s relief turns to anger when Kylie returns to the Street,’ says Corrie’s Paula Lane

Kylie’s off drugs and back in Weatherfield, reveals Coronation Street star Paula Lane. But will David welcome her back with open arms?

Why has Kylie come back now?
“Apparently she heard about the fire and was worried one of her children might be involved. Kylie really wants to be back in Coronation Street. She knows David [Jack P Shepherd] has been looking for her for months and so, now she’s clean, she plucks up her courage to go back.”

Is she back for her children?
“And David. She wants her family back.”

Talk us through her re-entrance to the Street?
“Kylie’s just kind of lurking in the vicinity… She sees Bethany [Lucy Fallon], who she doesn’t know, walking with her kids, Max and Lily. For all Kylie knows, Bethany could be David’s new girlfriend. She waits a while and then goes and knocks at the Platts’ house. David answers the door.”

“At first he’s relieved she’s alive and safe but then anger takes over. Kylie says, ‘You kicked me out’, but David replies she shouldn’t have just disappeared and that she didn’t once get in touch. Kylie replies that she had to get away in order to get off the drugs. There are so many mixed emotions and it’s a brilliantly written scene. You can tell David still loves her but is also furious with her.”

How does Kylie react?
“She pleads for another chance – swears she’s clean now – but I think David’s past that point so it’s quite heartbreaking for her really. He lets her see the kids, though. Max is initially delighted and excited to see her but then he starts saying things like, ‘You’re not a real mum’ and ‘When are you going away again?’.”

Does Kylie know Callum’s going for custody?
“She hasn’t been aware he’s been around so much – and Callum [Sean Ward] has got his feet well and truly under the table, hasn’t he? But as soon as she hears he’s on the warpath, the fight becomes apparent in Kylie. She’s thinking, ‘You’re not getting my son’.”

Does she not think Callum’s entitled to see Max?
“No. He didn’t want to know for seven years. Callum is the reason Kylie became an addict again. She doesn’t want him anywhere near her and Max.”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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