Coronation Street star Debbie Rush: ‘Anna is a very strong woman – she’ll be fighting till the end’

Anna won't give up without a fight, Debbie Rush has said

With Anna soon heading to the dock in Corrie after being framed by Phelan for trying to kill Seb, actress Debbie Rush has declared Anna will be fighting Phelan to the bitter end.

Debbie, who is soon to depart her role as Anna after a decade, told TV Times that Anna will fight hard for her freedom.

“Anna is a very strong woman, and she’ll be fighting till the end. There is unfinished business between her and Phelan and we’ve let it gently boil until this crescendo.”

Calculating Phelan has left nothing to chance in framing his nemesis – planting evidence at the scene and convincing the Weatherfield community that the café worker was cracking up. Pat appears to have this sewn up. Or has he?

“Anna has tried for years to prove how evil Phelan is,” a Corrie insider told the magazine. “She needs to convince the jury. But Pat’s always one step ahead.”

And, even if she does walk free, will Phelan simply bump her off?

“After killing Luke there’s no telling what Phelan is capable of,” said the insider. “He’s planned it so Anna goes to prison, and paints her as the villain when he paints her as the villain when he gives evidence. But if she’s found innocent, he’ll need a new strategy!”

Coronation Street is on tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.