Deirdre Barlow’s infamous 1970s specs have arrived at the former Coronation Street set on Quay Street, Manchester, as security guards accompanied the final iconic artefact in time for the new Coronation Street Tour.

The tour opens to the public this weekend for a limited time and will grant visitors an access-all-areas pass behind the scenes of Corrie, which has now moved to a brand new set in Trafford. For the first time ever, guests will be able to take a peek into a star’s dressing room, step into wardrobe and glimpse inside selected interior sets. There will also be the chance to walk down the cobbles one final time.

Deirdre’s glasses, one of the most iconic and valuable props, were released from Coronation Street’s vault to be loaned to the tour on the provision that they are displayed with 24-hour surveillance.

Arriving with a security escort, Deirdre’s glasses were signed over and placed inside a secure display unit where they will remain alongside other iconic props, such as Ena Sharples’ hair net, Hilda Ogden’s curlers and Vera Duckworth’s hooped earrings for the next six months.

Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) and her glasses have witnessed much drama over the years, from rows with mother Blanche, to daughter Tracey going missing, and nearly being flattened when a lorry drove into the Rovers, while, of course, they steamed up over Mike Baldwin and occasionally frosted over listening to hubby Ken Barlow.

Tickets are available for the Corrie tour here.