Dev’s dream turns into a nightmare

Dev Alahan‘s love life seems to be looking up in Coronation Street when he’s seduced by his fantasy woman,

reveals actor Jimmi Harkishin!

Dev’s new woman is Nina, the 70s Bollywood star he had a crush on – and the wife of his new best friend Prem. Is Dev still infatuated?

“Yeah – he’s like a teenager again when he meets Nina and realises who she is. He’s all breathless with jelly knees. It’s quite sweet.”

Her intentions towards him aren’t exactly sweet though, are they?

“She wants his body! He’s invited to a dinner party and when she gets him on his own she says she wants to sleep with him!”

How does Dev react?

“He’s speechless. He wonders if he’s got the wrong end of the stick. There’s no way he’s been thinking about having an affair with her. She’s married to a man he really respects.”

But not enough to stop him resisting her though – right?

“After the dinner party Nina turns up at the shop. She’s very persuasive, very much in control and Dev’s powerless to resist. He’s being seduced by the woman of his dreams! It’s a teenage fantasy come true.”

Does he feel guilty afterwards?

“Afterwards, like anyone in his position, he has to make a choice – either to be wracked with guilt or to somehow make it OK in his mind. Dev goes for the OK. It’s happened and it was great. But it doesn’t mean anything, no one need know, there are no strings attached.”

Does Nina see it the same way?

“She makes it very clear it’s just sex.”

Is it just a one-off then?

“Dev’s not really bothered – he’s just enjoying the moment. He’s been in the wilderness for the past couple of years since his marriage to Sunita failed.”

So he could be tempted by Nina again?

“Being desired by Nina and sleeping with her has given him his confidence back and made him feel positive about life again. OK, she’s married and he shouldn’t have done it, but it makes him feel so good…”