Does David really have that killer instinct?

Is Coronation Street’s David Platt really serious about killing his mum? Jack P Shepherd tells us what’s going on with the angsty teen…

So, what’s up with young David?

“You never know with him. He certainly tells Jason that he dreams of killing his mum but is this just another wind-up or does he mean it? He’s definitely furious enough with Gail to want to kill her. His sister Sarah too. But actually doing it is something else.”

What’s made him so furious?

“It starts with David making snide comments suggesting that Sarah will never get Jason down the aisle. Then when Bill offers to turn the Platt’s garage into a bedsit for him, he deliberately says he doesn’t want it just because he knows Sarah would love him out of the house. He’s just being horrible for the hell of it.”

Only, Sarah gets her own back by telling David’s date Mel that David’s had weird crushes in the past – and Mel stands him up.

“Later, Sarah tells David she felt it was her duty to tell Mel what he’s really like. He can’t stand the humiliation so he puts it around he actually slept with Mel and then dumped her.”

Doesn’t David worry about Mel finding out that he’s been bad-mouthing her?

“It’s a pride thing and he reckons he has nothing to lose. Sarah’s already blown it for him so he doesn’t care if Mel finds out what he’s saying.”

But Gail cares. And when she finds out what David’s been saying, she marches him to the kebab shop and insists he apologise to Mel, doesn’t she?

“That’s bad enough – David hates having to apologise – but then when he hears Sarah and Gail having a laugh about it, he’s seething inside.”

What does David do?

“He climbs up on the roof of Underworld and Jason follows him up, worried he’s thinking about killing himself. Instead he takes aim with an imaginary gun and says he wants to kill his mum.”

How does Jason react?

“He’s shocked – he doesn’t know if it’s another wind-up like when David told him he was gay. And nor wiil the viewers – at least not yet. Just what is going on and going to go on is a slow burner…”

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