Corrie’s Dolly Rose Campbell on Gemma’s Cinderella romance: ‘She falls head over heels for Henry Newton’

Looks like Dolly Rose Campbell shall go to the ball!

Coronation Street star Dolly Rose Campbell has dressed up as Cinderella and spoken to TV Times about Gemma Winter’s sparkling romance…

Christmas is the time for a good panto, and in Coronation Street, Gemma Winter is about to star in one of her very own. Gatecrashing a house party next week, she hits it off with the handsome Henry Newton, who it will later transpire is part of the wealthy Newton family – one half of legendary brewers Newton and Ridley.

But just like in the fairy tale, the romance is thwarted. Gemma dashes off before they’ve exchanged digits, and the only clue Henry is left with as to his “Princess’s” identity is one of Gemma’s shoes, which she has accidentally left behind.

Dolly Rose Campbell, who plays love struck kebab seller Gemma Winter, picks up the story…

TV Times: Dolly Rose, tell us more about the party Gemma goes to…

Dolly Rose Campbell: “She sees a house party advertised online, and thinks ‘Great, free booze!’ She’s had a tough ride lately, what with Rita’s illness, and thinks it’s time to let loose and enjoy herself. She always makes an effort when she goes out, and she puts a nice dress on and some nice shoes. When she gets there, she sees that it’s in a big, posh house, and she thinks she’s hit the jackpot. But when she goes inside, she’s slightly uncomfortable about being in a social situation with people who are of a different class to her, so she pretends to be posher than she is and says her name is Jemima. And then she meets Henry…”

TVT: Can you describe the moment they first meet?

DRC: “He catches her raiding the fridge, and he comes over to chat to her. She’s hiding snacks in case she gets hungry later on! Henry is a similar age to Gemma, and he’s handsome and posh. Henry fancies her straight away – I think she’s different to women that he’s met before – and she falls head over heels for him. But then the police arrive at the party, because the neighbours have complained. Gemma panics and runs from the house, and leaves one of her shoes behind.”

TVT: Can you describe what the missing shoe is like? Is it a sparkly slipper like in the fairy tale?

DRC: “It’s a Gemma shoe! The heel is a flamingo’s body. Originally, there was a flamingo’s head on the heel, but the beak would get stuck in the strap of the other shoe when I was walking, and I had a few accidents when I was first in them – including knocking down half of the Kabin set! So someone from the design team cut the head off to stop that from happening.”

TVT: Do Henry and Gemma share a kiss on that first night?

DRC: “I’m not saying…you’ll have to wait and see!

Gemma Coronation Street new man

Has Gemma met her knight in shining armour?

TVT: Does Gemma know at that point that Henry is rich?

DRC: “No, and she hasn’t gone to the party just to meet someone with money. But she later finds out from Liz that he’s the heir to the Newton and Ridley empire.”

TVT: Does Gemma think this romance could go somewhere – assuming she and Henry manage to track one another down?

DRC: “She thinks he is just the most amazing man she has ever met and she’s going to spend the rest of her life with him – although there’ll always be a place in her heart for Peter Andre! He certainly seems to reciprocate her feelings, so she’s going to take a chance on him and see what happens.”

TVT: So Gemma might have landed herself a rich man. What do you think Gemma with money would be like?

DRC: “It would be interesting! I think she has the potential to go a bit Hyacinth “Bouquet”! I don’t think her clothes would get any better though; they’d just be more expensive. She’s got her own style, and she loves it.”

TVT: Would you like Gemma to find her Mr Right?

DRC: “Yes, I think it would be good for her. She’s got a really big heart and a lot of love to give. But it needs to be the right person. She needs someone who’d have respect for her and care for her, and not look down on her. I don’t think there’d be a dull moment if she got with Henry, and there could be some comedy moments. I can imagine her going out for a posh meal and not knowing what cutlery to use.”

TVT: Do you like the idea of a Corrie wedding at some point?

DRC: “The problem with a Corrie wedding is that you end up having to wear the dress for about three weeks, because they take ages to film! One day is enough for a dress like that! But I don’t think I’ll get married in real life, so to have a pretend wedding would be fun, and you’re not stuck with a husband at the end of it who you’ve got to look after for the next 50 years! If Gemma got married, she’d really go for it – she’d probably have one of those dresses that lights up, like on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.”

Coronation Street continues tonight on ITV at 7.30pm.

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