Gemma has a shock kiss! Coronation Street’s Dolly Rose Campbell reveals more

Actress Dolly Rose Campbell has revealed all about Coronation Street kebab shop worker Gemma sharing a shock kiss with Fiz’s man Tyrone.

Coronation Street star Dolly Rose Campbell has talked to Soaplife about Gemma Winter’s latest romantic drama after her disappointment over ex Henry – that sees her sharing a kiss with mechanic Tyrone Dobbs!

What’s the story?

It’s been a bit of a slow burn but Gemma Winter and Tyrone Dobbs have become quite good mates.

“Their friendship has been building since around the time of Chesney’s disastrous wedding, when they rallied together to support him,” actress Dolly Rose Campbell has revealed to Soaplife. “Now Gemma is being there for Tyrone because he is having some difficult times at home.”

But do they both want more than friendship?

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Soaplife’s interview with Dolly Rose Campbell

Soaplife: Gemma really has Tyrone’s back, doesn’t she?

Dolly Rose Campbell: “Yes. He opens up about how his partner Fiz Stape thinks his daughter Ruby is a bad girl and how he fears she might be like her violent mum Kirsty, Gemma is sympathetic and tries to reassure him. She doesn’t believe that just because Ruby’s mum had problems, Ruby will be the same.”

S: But there is another drama involving Ruby and step sister Hope, isn’t there?

DRC: “Yes. Gemma and Tyrone are chatting in the street and, while they’re distracted, Hope and Ruby run off into the factory and lock themselves in. Tyrone and Gemma know they need to get them out. So Gemma smashes the door down and saves the day.”

S: Tell us what happens later, when Gemma calls round to see him?

DRC: “Gemma finds that there’s just Tyrone and Ruby at home because Fiz has taken Hope and gone to stay with her brother Chesney Brown. Tyrone feels really lost so Gemma tells him to go and get some beers and she’ll try her best to cheer him up.”

S: Then Tyrone leans in for a kiss!

DRC: “It comes out of the blue! She wasn’t expecting this from Tyrone so she is surprised by it. But, like him, she’s at a low point.”

S: Ah, yes, her ex, Henry…

DRC: “She was very disappointed with the way things turned out with Henry. The way Chesney defended her made her see him in a new light but those feelings are not reciprocated. Her feelings are pretty hurt at the minute.”

S: Do you think that Gemma and Tyrone suit each other?

DRC: “No. She’s flattered that somebody like Tyrone might fancy her because the kind of guys that have been interested in her in the past have either not stayed around or they’re like Henry and haven’t been interested for the right reasons. But I love working with Alan Halsall [Tyrone]. He’s very funny so it’s always great fun.”

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