‘Don’t go, Leanne!’ Corrie’s Jane Danson reveals Nick’s last-ditch attempt to keep her close to him

Corrie's Leanne has had her life turned upside-down and inside-out since she got pregnant by Steve. She thinks the only way she can keep the secret is to leave Weatherfield. But her ex, Nick, has other ideas, reveals Jane Danson

Mum-to-be Leanne plans to leave the Street to keep her baby secret… but Nick doesn’t want her to go! Corrie’s Jane Danson reveals all to Soaplife…

So, what’s going to happen with Leanne and Nick next?
“Nick’s feelings for Leanne are very apparent and she’s realising she feels the same. But given what Nick’s gone through with Carla [Alison King], Leanne sacrifices herself to stop him hurting more and decides to leave. He’s heartbroken she’s leaving. But she feels she can’t force another man’s baby on him.”

That’s not the only reason Leanne packs her bags though, is it?
“The fact that Steve [Simon Gregson] is the father of her baby is another reason why Leanne feels she’s better off making a fresh start. They only live about 20 yards from each other and he’s already said he wants nothing to do with the baby.”

And Steve’s wife, Michelle, is pregnant too!
“It makes everything even more complicated. Michelle [Kym Marsh] was there for Leanne when she was at her most vulnerable and now Michelle wants to be pregnancy buddies and it’s all too much.”

Nick makes a shock declaration. What can you reveal about what happens next?
“Yes! Unbeknown to Leanne, Eva [Catherine Tyldesley] has told Nick [Ben Price] Leanne’s pregnant and that’s why she’s leaving, even though she’s fallen back in love with him. Nick declares his feelings and says maybe they can make it work. But can they, given the baby is another man’s – and one so close to home? She’s torn and feels guilty. Nick doesn’t know Steve is the baby’s father.”

In fact, Nick announces he’s the father!
“Yes, because of Tracy [Kate Ford]. She’s seen them at the hospital and blabs in the pub. Leanne’s backed into a corner but Nick jumps in and says the baby’s his. This hardly gets them off to the best of starts – and there are many more problems to come!”

Coronation Street, ITV

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