Tracy rekindles her passion with Steve – but it turns out to be devious David who really wants her in bed! Kate Ford tells all…

Tracy gives her ex Steve a peck on the cheek for ‘being there’ – and the pair soon find themselves in bed together. How on earth does this reunion come about?
“It’s Amy’s birthday party and when it’s all over Tracy and Steve start chatting,’ explains Kate Ford, who plays Tracy. ‘As Steve’s about to leave, Tracy kisses him and one thing leads to another…”

Steve vowed never to go near Tracy again. What made him change his mind?
“He’s desperate! He’s been knocked back by Michelle and thinks he’s lost his touch with the ladies. He needs proof that he’s still attractive.”

And what’s Tracy getting out of rekindling her romance with Steve?
“Tracy, as usual, is living in the moment – like she always does. She knows Steve fancies Michelle but she doesn’t care about that. She’s always had a soft spot for him, plus he’s Amy’s dad. I wouldn’t say she’s after Steve properly, though. She’s due to stand trial for Charlie’s murder, so she’s hardly in a position to make plans.”

Ah, yes, Charlie’s murder. Tracy’s counting on young David Platt to stick to his false version of events on the night Charlie died. How does she keep him sweet?
“Tracy tries to keep David on side by giving him some CDs when she knows her solicitor wants to question him. But this isn’t enough for David. He wants more. Basically he wants Tracy!”

“I know! It totally freaks out Tracy when David tells her she‘s got to be ‘nice’ to him. David’s just a kid – she regards him as a little boy. The thing is she doesn’t have much choice. She needs him to be her witness. Without him she barely has a case and it looks like she’ll be found guilty for Charlie‘s murder.”

Please don’t say she sleeps with David!
“She kisses him and it does her head in. She can’t contemplate doing what he wants her to. She feels it can’t possibly come to that. She’s confident somehow she’ll be able to call David’s bluff.”

But even if she does, will his evidence stand up in court?
“You’ll have to wait and see about that. The court case comes up in April. There definitely is a trial – Tracy doesn’t do a runner beforehand or anything like that.”

So, can you tell us if Tracy is found guilty of killing Charlie?
“We’re going to film two endings – either she’s found guilty and sent to jail, or she manages to hoodwink the jury and she walks away from the courtroom, and Weatherfield, a free woman. Even I’m not sure of the outcome yet. It’s all going to be very exciting.”