Emmerdale and Coronation Street hint at all sorts of wickedness to come! (Video)

ITV has released a terrifically teasing, fairytale-themed video called Once Upon A Weatherfield, Happy Emmerdale After, which suggests there won’t be many happily-ever-after moments for many characters in either of the soaps.

“We’re filming Snow White and there’s Charity with the poison apple – then I step into view,” reveals Emmerdale star Chris Bisson, who plays Jai Sharma. “Maybe, just maybe, Jai will get his revenge.”

“This summer, things are going to be a bit rocky,” adds Jason Merrells, who plays Jai’s best-friend-turned-enemy Declan Macey. “There are secrets that are going to come out that change the landscape substantially.”

Prince Marlon (Mark Charnock) and Cinder-Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) also feature in a Cinderella story, while Sleeping Beauty also gets the Emmerdale treatment, with Natalie J Robb as Sleeping Moira and Jeff Hordley as Prince Cain.

“But I think I should be Sleeping Beauty,” says Jeff, “as Cain’s the one who’s been awoken to this fantastic new world of being nice and not being so nasty any more.” Will it last, though?

Coronation Street suggests there’s more evil to come from Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) as she looks in a magic mirror and sees Tony Stewart (Terence Maynard) behind her. And it looks like there are dark days ahead for Carla Barlow (Alison King) and Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis).

See for yourself…

Watch the video here – plus what went on behind the scenes.