‘Erica gets her man’ reveals Coronation Street’s Claire King

Erica and Dev finally go from friends to lovers but Erica wants more than just nights of passion, Coronation Street’s Claire King tells Soaplife

When does Erica realise she wants to be more than friends with Dev?
“It happens when she and Dev [Jimmi Harkishan] are helping a drunken Mary [Patti Clare] home after a girls’ night out. Mary points out it’s obvious they fancy each other and they’re both embarrassed.”

What makes Erica make a move on Dev?
“Dev introduces her to new date of his, Karen, and the green-eyed monster emerges. With Mary’s help they get rid of Karen and, dressed up to the nines, Erica makes her move.”

Is she nervous that he might reject her?
“She’s not 25 or even 35 any more and any woman would fear it might all go wrong.”

Does it work?
“It does. But the next morning Dev shakes Erica’s hand goodbye rather than kiss her! She rushes off to The Kabin to buy some women’s mags to try to work out why.”

It seems Dev’s thinking they can be ‘friends with benefits’. Would Erica like more?
“Yes, she would. They already have a great friendship, which is often a good basis for a relationship. Erica can be herself with Dev. They have a laugh, crack jokes and enjoy each other’s company – and she’d like to claim her ‘benefits’ more often!”

Why is Dev holding back on getting into a relationship?
“Because he’s not sure what Erica wants. So he asks her outright and Erica has to be honest.”

Do you think they make a good couple?
“They make a great couple. But that’s because, as I say, they’ve been friends first. I hope the Corrie fans are rooting for them.”

What did you think when you heard you’d be teaming up with Dev actor Jimmi Harkishan?
“We worked together 30 years ago on something called South Of The Border so I know Jimmi from way back. It’s fantastic to work with him.”

Watch Erica make her move in Coronation Street on Wednesday 2 March on ITV at 7.30pm