E’s made a right Platt of himself!

David’s drugs leave Bethany fighting for her life! Coronation Street star David Platt discusses the near tragedy that leaves him homelesss

What does David do to finally make his mum show him the door? Kill someone?

“Very nearly. And not just anyone. It’s the life of his seven-year-old niece Bethany that he puts at risk.”

And in one of the worst possible ways – with drugs…

“The drugs are ecstasy tablets and are Darryl Morton’s. He’s stashing them for a mate and is worried about his dad finding them and David offers to hide them for him. He’s looking around the house for somewhere to hide them and when he sees one of Bethany’s dolls he starts thinking. He picks it up and yanks the head and when it comes off he reckons that’s the perfect place. He puts the pills in the doll, puts the head back on and thinks no more about it. It really doesn’t cross his mind for an instant that Bethany might get hold of the pills.”

And that’s just what happens?

“Yes when David’s baby-sitting her and not doing it properly. Beth’s in the front room playing while he’s out the back messing about with Darryl. When he comes back in Beth’s doll is headless and the ecstasy pills are scattered over the floor. He’s horrified and when he can only count nine pills and not the 10 he originally put there and when Beth admits she ate one he completely freaks out. He rushes her into the kitchen and makes her drink salt water to make her throw up, then when Sarah come home he tells her Beth isn’t well and she should take her for a check up. Which Sarah doesn’t think is necessary until Beth starts convulsing.”

So does David confess?

“Not then he doesn’t. But when Beth’s rushed to hospital and falls into a coma the doctors insist they need to be told if she’s taken anything. And David tells them. Sarah flies at him and his mum is appalled. And David is gutted.”

What, really? Or just upset he’s been found out?

“No really. Everyone turns their back on him and he’s left alone sobbing his heart out.”

And it gets worse when he gets home. Sarah tells Gail either David leaves or she and Beth do…

“Gail tells David to pack his bags and leave. He pleads to be allowed to stay, but Gail’s not having any of it.”

Will he want revenge on Gail now?

“This time David is genuinely distraught at what’s happened. I’m under strict instructions from the director not to allow even a hint of David’s cockiness or attitude to come through…”

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