Corrie’s Shayne Ward: ‘Aidan has to hold his hands up about Maria, Eva knows something’s not right’

Corrie’s Aidan Connor has slept with Maria and Eva becomes suspicious after he lies to her. Shayne Ward reveals that Aidan deals with it by lying – a lot

Corrie’s Shayne Ward tells Soaplife how Aidan Connor feels guilty when he cheats on Eva and he sleeps with Maria – who’s supposed to be getting married to Luke!

So, Aidan doesn’t want to actually replace Eva with Maria?
“Aidan regrets sleeping with Maria [Samia Ghadie] immediately because he really does like his Eva. In his defence, he’s struggling to settle down. Plus, he’s annoyed Eva hasn’t remembered it’s the anniversary of his mum’s death.”

Aidan tells Maria it was all a mistake. What’s her reaction?
“He bluntly blurts this out. She’s not happy, obviously. She feels more for Aidan than he does for her and she’s hoping something will develop between them.”

What happens when he and Eva later see Maria and Luke in the Bistro?
“Aidan takes Eva [Catherine Tyldesley] there for dinner, but there are no tables and they’re forced to join Maria and Luke [Dean Fagan]. It’s very awkward and there’s a lot of tension.”

And Eva finds out he was at Maria’s flat, doesn’t she?
“Yes, thanks to Caz [Rhea Bailey]. She appears and asks Aidan if he’s seen Liam’s toy car. Caz basically drops Aidan in it because he’d told Eva he spent the night at a mate’s. But he and Maria manage to cover their tracks. Maria lies that after Aidan was done at his mates, she was helping him look for flats for him and Eva.”

But that causes another problem, right?
“Yes, because Aidan doesn’t want to live with Eva. However Eva’s not stupid and she knows something’s not quite right. He’s terrified she’ll find out about his night with Maria, but he’s also worried Eva’s taking things too quickly. She’s his first serious girlfriend in ages and he wants to go at his own pace. Aidan’s priority is building up Underworld.”

 What advice would you give to Aidan?
“He’s got to hold his hands up and take full responsibility for sleeping with Maria. He needs to ensure it doesn’t happen again, but try to keep things friendly with Maria. We all know, though, that she has a past and steals other women’s fellas.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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