Trouble arrived in Coronation Street in the shape of slave labour girl Marta (Edyta Budnik) when she escaped the clutches of Richie O’Driscoll by hiding in the back of the Underworld van driven by Aidan Connor.

Marta hid out in the Underworld factory and was discovered by Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley), who took pity on her and promised to keep her secret. But when Marta’s hiding place was rumbled, she did a runner from the Street.

Eva’s been worried about her ever since, and she gets a shock when Marta shows up again and needs her help. Will Eva take pity on Marta once again?


Eva discovers Marta lurking near the factory at night. She’s in a terrible state and desperately needs help…


Worried what might happen to Marta if she doesn’t help, Eva takes her home to the flat where she lives with half-sister Leanne (Jane Danson).


Leanne’s concerned when she gets back to find distressed, ill Marta wrapped up on the living room sofa… Will Eva be able to persuade Leanne to let Marta stay?

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