Coronation Street’s Gail Platt helped get rid of son David’s baby – now her life’s in danger! Jack P Shepherd reveals all… When does David discover that something’s up with new girlfriend Tina? “David doesn’t know Tina is pregnant. The first he knows that all isn’t right is when Tina calls him to say she can’t go to a concert with him as planned.” And he smells a rat, doesn’t he? “Tina is actually phoning from the abortion clinic but David thinks she must be cheating on him with her ex and when she doesn’t come up with the right answers when he confronts her, he dumps her before she can dump him.” Suspecting his mum knows something, David goes to confront Gail. Only, Jason has beat him to it… “Jason and Gail have a huge row and Gail hits Jason but David knows nothing of this. He gets home after Jason has left and starts accusing her of wrecking his relationship with Tina.” And that’s when Gail breaks the news that Tina was having an abortion… “David’s stunned. He can’t believe Gail plotted behind his back with Tina to abort his child just as Gail wanted to abort him.” Does this bring back painful memories for David? “All his hartred of his mum erupts and when she tries to block his path and reason with him, the red mist descends and he grabs hold of her and shoves her out of the way…” And down the stairs! Has he killed his mum? “David thinks he has. He does a runner and is in such a mad panic, he nearly gets run over.” As it turns out Gail isn’t dead – yet… “Claire spots Audrey ringing the bell without getting an answer and says she saw an angry Jason leave earlier. Then Jerry mentions hearing raised voices so he and Kevin break in – and find her.” With Gail rushed to intensive care, David’s worried. But not for her health… “David panics as Gail starts to come round and when the police turn up after the paramedics inform them she has bruises on her arms not consistent with a fall.” Does Gail remember anything? ‘As Gail starts to speak it’s clear she has no recollection of the fall. In fact the last thing she remembers is arguing with Jason.” At that point, Jason is hauled in for questioning. Would David let Jason take the rap for what could be a charge of attempted murder? “The seriousness of it all really scares him. He knows he’ll be in big trouble if the truth comes out and is just praying Gail doesn’t get her memory back.”