Ex Brookie star joins the Street

One of Britain’s best-loved soap stars is returning to our screens at the head of a new trouble-making family set to bring mayhem to Coronation Street.

Michael Starke, who spent 16 years as wisecracking window cleaner Sinbad in axed Liverpool-based soap Brookside, is set to pop up in Weatherfield next month.

Michael, who also starred as chief porter Ken Hopkirk in The Royal, plays single dad Jerry Morton, who moves his loud, brash family into Charlie Stubbs’ old house and opens a takeaway in Diggory Compton’s old bakery.

Working class Jerry, who is in his 40s, is not afraid of hard work but has no qualms pocketing cash without telling the tax man.

Far from struggling as a lone parent, he is flush with money and dotes on his kids.

He can be incredibly charming – but, as viewers will discover, those who cross him soon know about it.

His eldest daughter, Jodie, 28, played by Samantha Seager, helps care for her siblings after their mum left Jerry.

Jerry relies on her rather than his ex-convict father, played by former Early Doors star Rodney Litchfield, to try to keep the household running smoothly.

Other family members include twins Mel (Emma Edmondson) and Darryl (Jonathan Dixon), who are nearly 18, and forthright Kayleigh, 12, (Jessica Barden), who finds it hard to settle into her new home as she misses her younger half brother Finlay, who still lives with their mum, Teresa.

The unruly but tight-knit clan will appear on March 18.