Ex-Coronation St star reveals overwork ‘myth’

Former Coronation Street actor Thomas Craig has spoken out about soap stars, saying that the idea that they’re worked to the bone is ‘just a myth’.

The actor spent two-and-half years starring as Weatherfield mechanic Tommy Harris before his character was killed off in 2005.

“I don’t think it was busy or hectic,” he says. “You might have a week or two weeks where you’re busy, but then you’ve got two weeks off.

“Corrie had 55 regulars in the cast, 55 people aren’t busy every day, are they? It’s just a myth that a lot of actors perpetrate and then when they’re not busy, they’ll say ‘Oh, I’m not doing a lot’.”

Thomas – who appears in the new series of TV hit Blue Murder – doesn’t have a lot of time for actors who whinge, particularly those who claim fame disrupts their lives.

“If you live your life as you normally do and you carry on, you can live your life,” he says.

The actor also revealed he doesn’t tune in to catch up with his old co-stars, saying: “I used to watch it all the time before I was in it. Now that I know everybody, I would never watch it.”