ITV’s family-friendly fantasy epic Beowulf got off to a dramatic start last weekend. Now, former Coronation Street star Ian Puleston-Davies is riding into town, playing baddie, Lagrathorn.

“He’s a really nasty character and the thorn in Rheda’s Medieval backside,” said Ian, 57. “Lagrathorn is a complete departure from Owen Armstrong and I’m very happy to be playing him.”

Ian played Weatherfield builder Owen for five years and revealed it’s a ‘dream come true’ to have swapped soap for sword-wielding drama. However he wished his scenes were more action-packed.

“When I was a child we had pet horses and I was in the local pony club, so I’m a confident rider,” he explained. “The horses on Beowulf are amazing and mine is a big beast of a stallion, but I only get to strut around on him a little bit. I want to gallop across the hills with the wind blowing through my wig!”

Beowulf continues on ITV on Sunday at 7pm.

Watch the full interview with Ian Puleston-Davies, above.