Ex Corrie star Michelle Keegan says she’s had ‘no Bridezilla moments – yet’

Michelle Keegan has said she’s taking inspiration from Amal Clooney when it comes to how she’ll look at her wedding.

Former Coronation Street star Michelle and current Strictly Come Dancing contestant Mark are due to marry next year.

The actress told Look magazine that she hadn’t picked a dress, but she loved the gown Amal wore when she married George Clooney.

“I’ve tried on a lot [of wedding dresses]. I loved what Olivia Palermo and Amal Alamuddin wore for their weddings. Amal looked so elegant and timeless,” she said.

The actress said of her wedding: “It’s all sorted and booked. I cannot wait. It’s all going smoothly and no Bridezilla moments yet.

“Although, ask me a month before and I might not be so chilled! I’m going to have a big hen do with my friends and family, but we’re still having meetings to decide what to do. The boys have booked their stags already.”

Michelle said that while they may have only been together for nine months before they got engaged, she knew almost from day one that Mark was the man for her.

“I realised pretty early on [that Mark was the one],’ she told the magazine. “It just felt right. We’d known each other for years through mutual friends, but as we started to date, I soon realised ‘Yeah, I want this to go further.’ I think I just became more and more secure.”



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