Ex Corrie star Vicky saddened by lack of kids

Vicky Entwistle has opened up about her pain at not being able to have children.

The former Coronation Street star revealed she and her husband Andy Chapman – a props man who she met on the soap – had considered IVF, adoption and fostering, and confessed to the Daily Mirror she feels guilty at not being able to give her man kids.

Vicky, 44, said: “We did at one point think about going down the IVF route, but it didn’t happen because I would be really into it then Andy would step off the accelerator. Then he’d be really into it and I wouldn’t.

“It’s a shame a child didn’t get to experience Andy as a dad. That makes me terribly sad. He’s so funny and patient and he has so much time for everybody.

“It’s my only regret… Andy would have been an absolutely amazing dad.”

She added: “I would have gone for adoption. A friend of mine did it and I used to pick her brains about it. Andy wasn’t so keen. There was a barrier for him.

“He said he could foster, but I wasn’t too keen on that because I couldn’t fall in love with a child and all of a sudden they’re not mine any more.

“I don’t know whether I would have been a great mum. It was just never a burning thing for me. But for Andy, yes, I do feel regret.”

Vicky, who can currently be seen on stage in The Vagina Monologues, played Janice Battersby in Coronation Street for 14 years, but she confessed she no longer watches the show.

She said: “You can’t watch as a viewer because you know everybody personally. You know where the booms are. It would feel almost perverse to be watching it.”

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