Coronation Street fans split over whether Gemma and Chesney should become an item

After ditching Henry, viewers debate whether Gemma should date Chesney

Coronation Street viewers are split over whether Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown should finally get together after Gemma dumped her boyfriend Henry in spectacular fashion last night.

Chesney warned Gemma, played by Dolly-Rose Campbell, that snooty Henry was only going out with her to win a bet with his mate Hugo. It quickly dawned on Gemma that she’d been taken for a ride by Henry and she got her own back by dumping a load of food on his head in the Bistro! “I was only seeing this sad sack because I felt sorry for him,” Gemma hit back at Henry, after telling Hugo to spend his winnings on some mouthwash because his breath stunk.

Ironically, it turned out that Henry may have really fallen for Gemma, but not surprisingly she wasn’t impressed by his bet and retreated to the alleyway where she deleted pictures of them together.

Now with the road clear, many fans hope that Gemma and Chesney can become an item.

“Gemma deserves better and that is Chesney,” wrote one.

Another said: “Love Gemma I hope that her and Chesney get together now.”

Mind you, some thought that perhaps Gemma would be better off with someone else. “Please don’t put Gemma and Chesney together!,” commented one viewer. While another said that he was too much of a “wet lettuce” for Gemma.

People were united, though, in their delight at Gemma’s food dumping response. “Well done girl,” said one viewer. Another said, “I love Gemma hahaha hilarious.”

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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