Faye’s baby: ‘The aftermath of the birth is really quite sad,’ says Corrie’s Debbie Rush

The shock of Faye being pregnant is still bouncing around the walls inside the houses on Coronation Street… And the drama is far from over.

“The aftermath of the birth of the baby is really quite sad,” reveals Corrie’s Debbie Rush, who plays teen mum Faye’s adoptive mother. “And there are some shocking consequences.

“This is a little girl who came from a broken home,” Debbie adds. “Finally somebody loves her and takes her in. Now Faye [Ellie Leach] feels like she’s let everyone down. She doesn’t take very well to her situation at all.”

And how does Anna feel?

“Anna just feels that she’s let herself down and that it’s her fault, that she took her eye off the ball,” Debbie replies.

But Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) lashes out…

“Owen just wants to go out and in typical Owen style just punch the face off anybody he thinks might be involved in it,” admits Debbie.

“If it could have gone wrong in the last 12 months for Anna and Owen it did. Now, with the baby arriving, we’re going to see things completely unravel.”

Coronation Street continues, ITV, Monday, April 6, 7.30pm.

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