Find out the real reason Slug wants Becky!

Coronation Street’s

Kate Kelly warns it’s not an affair with Becky that Slug’s after!

Is Becky happy having Slug around again?

“The opposite. She’s worried he’ll ruin things for her. He’s part of another world she doesn’t want to revisit. That Becky doesn’t exist any more.”

How does she react when he says he still loves her and wants her back?

“She’s stunned. She tells him he only thinks he loves her. When they were together they were serious druggies and she clung onto him. Now she’s with Steve she knows it wasn’t love.”

Is she still OK with him being around after his big declaration?

“As long as he realises she’s not interested. There’s a hell of a lot of history between them. He’s the only person in her life who really knows all about her and her past. They were inseparable for 10 years.”

How does Steve feel about Slug?

“He thinks Slug’s a bad sort, but it takes one to know one. He knows Becky’s easily led and worries Slug will be a bad influence on her.”

Is he jealous?

“Ridiculously so. When Slug gets over-friendly he drags him away from her and warns him off. Becky assures Steve she doesn’t fancy Slug any more – she just feels sorry for him.”

In fact Slug is being blackmailed by DC Hooch to help him get Becky…

“Becky has no idea. She and Hooch have hated each other ever since he tried it on with her and she reported him. She’d never imagine Slug would have anything to do with him.”

Slug tries to plant drugs on Becky for Hooch… Does it work?

“Sean turns up just as Slug’s about to put them in her handbag. Slug gives the drugs back to Hooch and tells him to do his own dirty work.”

Word is that Slug will ruin Becky’s second wedding… When will it be?

“We’re building up to wedding No 2 in August as Steve and Becky’s names are down for a cancellation at the registry office.”

What will Becky do if she finds out Slug’s betrayed her?

“I’m not sure she’d believe it. She’d defend Slug, but she’d be devastated.”

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