A replica of a tram is embedded in the Kabin in newly-released pictures of Coronation Street‘s dramatic Christmas crash.

The vehicle falls from the viaduct after a massive explosion at The Joinery bar, causing huge destruction on the Street.

The front of the tram causes damage to the Alahans’ Corner Shop, while the second carriage hits the Kabin.

With the help of stunt doubles, pyrotechnic experts and special effects experts, cast and crew have already filmed the explosion which triggers the crash.

Coronation Street producer Phil Collinson said: “All last week we filmed the exciting and explosive moments that lead to the tram crashing from the viaduct. The early scenes are wonderful and everyone is pulling together through the night to bring the brilliant scripts to life.

“Now with the tram in situ, it is time to start filming the dramatic scenes that explore the immediate aftermath of this terrible accident. Weatherfield will definitely never be the same again!”

Details of who dies and who gets hurt in the tragedy are being kept a closely-guarded secret.

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